A Tribute to


Everyone needs a role
model . . .

Someone to look up to,
To be encouraging
and understanding. . .
Margaret was that model for us.


Margaret Gregory
#1 Golden Girl
November 18, 1931 -
September 10, 1996


She took the time to teach us so much. . . 
From the simple things
Like working hard and being professional
To the bigger things
Like having fun while we worked.

We share the good times and the bad
But she always planned for the future,
she showed us that it was important
To love and be happy
and live each day to the fullest. . .

We know how lucky we were to have known her --
How lucky we still are . . .
And if we do half as well as she,
Someday we will,
Each earn the title "Best Friend."

God, you've called Margaret home today.
You've left a big emptiness in our hearts--
Light your biggest, brightest star
And put it in the Northern sky
So she can keep an eye on us.

There is a new angel in heaven today.
She's earned those beautiful wings --
Putting up with all of us . . .
God, your life will be much livelier
Now that Margaret has come home to stay.

                                 Edith Nash
                                         September 10, 1996

Midi: Gone With the Wind


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Remembering Margaret Gregory --
10 years later

by Edith Nash
September 2006


God, you called Margaret home ten years ago.
It left a big empty space in our hearts.
We asked you to light your biggest, brightest star
And put it in the northern sky so that she could keep an eye on us.

God, you have been so good to this little group.
We continue to meet and share our ups and downs.
We take great pride in the friendships
That we forged under Margaret's leadership.
We often hear one of us say "Margaret said" or "Margaret did"
And a smile will spread across our faces and our hearts will be lighter .

Margaret, the angel with the big beautiful wings,
Please keep an eye out for each of us.
We need your steady hand to guide us each and every day.

God, we know you had a special place in heaven saved for Margaret.
Thank you for continuing to share her with us each and every day.

Edith Nash 9/19/2006